Landing Craft (registered with the United States Coast Guard)
Built from the ground up by Carl Penske himself (with the assistance of others in the field), the Landing Craft measures 16’ wide by 50’ long.
The stern engine room holds a Cummings 555 cubic inch V8 diesel engine.
As well as the hydraulic system used to run the crane; with a 15’ boom (up and down) and a 10’ extendable boom for additional reach.  The crane lifting capacity is 4 tons.  On the bow of the Landing Craft is an 8’6” wide door which, run by a 3500 lb. electric winch, is lowered to allow heavy equipment to be loaded and then raised again for travel to project destinations.

Trucks(Commercial Driver Licensed)
Tandem Dump Truck (16 yard capacity)
Single Axel Dump Truck (6 yard capacity)
One Ton Dump Truck
Several other Trucks with small dump bodies

Carl Penske Enterprises began its business in 1980, right here in Grand Isle, Vt. 
Initially specializing in Excavation / Trucking and Welding, Carl has incorporated more of his personal expertise into the business; to make it what it is today.

Services offered are (but not limited to):

Here at Carl Penske Enterprises,

 We pride ourselves in

Hard work




Scuba Diving (certified 40+ years)

All Scuba Equipment as well as multiple lift bags, portable compressors and applicable rigging

​​(802) 372-4819



  • Retaining Walls
  • Zebra Mussel Filters
  • Welding
  • Vehicle Restoration

15t with 10’ blade
Crawler loader w/ 20t winch

Backhoe / Front End Loader  12t

​Landscaping Tractors (asst.)

Company Profile and History

Welding (certified in all for 40+ years)
Tig (tungsten inert gas)
Mig (metal inert gas)
SMAW (stick metal arc welding)
Oxy acetylene welding and brazing
Plasma arc cutting and gouging
Carbon arc cutting

The equipment and certifications that CPE has to work with includes (but is not limited to):

 20t Lowboy
 6t tilting flatbed with 10,000 lb. winch
 6t flatbed with 12,000 lb. winch

  • Tree Removal​
  • Building Removal

All are equipped with wrist and thumb

 44000 lb
 35000 lb       
  12000 lb mini

  • Excavating and Trucking
  • Boat Moorings
  • Lake Salvage
  • Landing Craft Services                       

Carl Penske Enterprises - Landing Craft