Boat Moorings

Based on the customer's boat size and location as well as personal requests;

we design the Mooring System using the most applicable options from the below list of materials.

We have certified divers for all underwater projects.

We design custom Mooring Systems, 

also providing installation and inspections.

We highly recommend having your moorings inspected at least every other year.  It is not uncommon for us to have to do 3 to 4 boat salvages a season purely due to worn out mooring chain or hardware.

Carl Penske Enterprises - Landing Craft

Onsite we have the equipment to pour the moorings ourselves.

​Our Landing Craft has the ability to transport multiple moorings in a single trip.

We also have multiple lift (air) bags for use as needed.

​​6' x 3' x 1' block (2,000 lbs)

6' x 6' x 1' block (5,400 lbs)

3/4" stainless bale / eye (in block)

​1" stainless bale / eye (in block)

3/8" galvanized chain

1/2" galvanized chain

3/8" swivel

1/2" swivel

3/4" swivel

3/8" shackle

7/16" shackle

1/2" shackle

​​5/8" shackle

5/8" nylon bridal 

5/8" bow line

Pendant line

Safety hook

Mooring ball

line float

Spar buoy

Mast buoy

Hazelett buoy

All hardware is high quality galvanized steel