On site we have everything needed for the restoration or repair of classic cars, trucks, farm and other equipment.

A multi-certified welder of all metals;
CPE offers services in-shop and on location, custom fabrication, repair on trailers, dump bodies, rust, and more.

​​​​ Lake Salvage Boat Mooring Landing Craft



   Vehicle Restoration

We design custom boat mooring systems;

providing installation, follow up service & inspections.

We pride ourselves in creating our retaining walls with the most natural look possible.  The rocks we use are varied in size and shape just like Mother Nature created.  


Boat Moorings  

We design custom Zebra Mussel Filters;

providing installation, follow up service & inspections.

Lake Salvage

Building and foundation removal services provided; taking care to recycle any material possible.  Material cleanup, topsoil, seed and mulch follow the demolition.


In the line of excavation, we do waterlines, foundations, septic systems / mound systems, driveways, roads, retaining walls, lakeshore reinforcement walls, ponds, & lot cleaning.

We salvage boats, vehicles, and other items. The salvage business runs year round; in open water and through the ice.


Individual tree removal and lot tree removal services are available.  We also remove stumps, take all material away; then topsoil, seed and mulch.

Carl Penske Enterprises - Landing Craft

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Retaining Walls


Landing Craft

Transport heavy equipment and more.  

Hydraulic crane, 4 ton capacity. 

Excavating & Trucking

Vehicle Restoration

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